Questions About Your Surgery

How long am I in the Hospital?

Most patients go home the day after surgery. If your surgery was complicated, you are in excessive pain, or you are older, you will either stay an extra day or be considered for an inpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Program.

When do I see the Surgeon after Surgery?

Follow-up visits are at 7 – 10 days, one month, three months, and one year. X-Rays are done at each visit.

Our goal is to have patients off pain medication by the first visit (7 – 10 days).

We offer Physical Therapy at the one-month visit.

When can I shower?

You can shower the day after surgery and then every day. Keep the dressing on for the first 48 hours and then remove it. No baths, hot tub, pool, or swimming for 4 weeks.

When can I get back to normal activity?

At each visit after surgery, we will increase your activity back to normal condition. Most patients achieve normalcy by 3 months after surgery, unless you are an avid athlete, it may take 6 months.

When can I drive?

Patients usually start driving 5 – 7 days after surgery depending on the pain.

Will I need to do Physical Therapy after surgery?

If you do not have a weakness in your lower extremities, then Physical Therapy will be optional. We will offer the program four weeks after surgery, and it will be up to the patient to decide whether they feel it is helpful.

Will I go home or to a rehab facility?

Most patients go home after surgery. For those patients over 75 years of age, there is a chance they will go to an in-patient Rehabilitation Program.

How much pain will I have?

Most of the pain is severe on the day of surgery. You are placed on a muscle relaxant and pain medication with the goal of discharging you the day after surgery.

How long will I need pain medication for?

 Our goal is to have patients off pain medications by the first post-operative visit if possible (7 – 10 days).

Will I have to walk with a Cane or walker after surgery?

Approximately 20 – 40% of patients use either a walker, wheeled walker, or cane after surgery. Most patients do not need the device after a few weeks.

Does someone need to stay with me after surgery?

We recommend that you have someone nearby during the first few days after surgery.

Can I do damage to the hardware?

We prefer that you do not bend at the waist after surgery. For instance, if you are sitting in a chair and drop something between your feet, please do not bend to grab to object. Ask for help, use a grabber, or stand up and squat to pick up the object.