What to Know After Surgery

Do I go home the same day?

Most patients go home the day after surgery or at the most, 2 days after surgery.

Wound Care

The incision is usually 1 ½ inches long, horizontally placed in a skin fold of the neck off to the left or right. The incision is closed with subcuticular sutures that dissolve and do not need to be removed. We place steri-strips over the incision and then cover with a 2 x 2 in gauze pad and adhesive. You can shower the day after surgery and every day thereafter, but the shower should be quick. You can remove the adhesive and 2 x 2 in gauze pad on Postoperative Day Two. Leave the steri-strips on and your surgeon will remove them when you come to the office for your first visit after surgery.

Pain Medications

During the hospital stay, you are placed on a narcotic and muscle relaxant. We convert the medications to oral rather than intravenous as soon as possible to make sure the medications will work while you are at home. We prefer to reduce the narcotic as soon as possible and maintain the muscle relaxant as long as you need it. Not only that, but we will review your medications at each visit.


Most patients wait at least 7 – 10 days before they begin driving. We will review it at your first post-operative visit.


Depending on the rigors of your employment, most patients are out of work for 2 – 8 weeks. Anyone with a desk job, or work from home, can return whenever they feel they are ready to do so. If your job requires heavy lifting, it may take longer and will be reviewed at each visit after surgery.